This is The Awakening

The Duality Volume II Mixtape (FREE DOWNLOAD)

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 The Duality Mixtape: Volume II


01 If Theres Any Justice In The World (with Darko Swale)

02 House of the Rising Sun (Feat La Dog)

03 Lyrical Elevation (Feat Absoulut Karnage)

04 Woman

05 The Great Dictator (Feat Charlie Chaplin)

06 Power To The People (Feat Seraph Black)

07 Let's Get It On (Feat Marvin Gaye)

08 Two Princes (Feat Spin Doctors)

09 Picture Perfect Illusions

10 Breathe

11 Praise

12 All over the Girl

13 Pay It Forward (Interlude)

14 Responsibility

15 Hit The Road

16 In The Air Tonight (Feat Phil Collins)

17 My Redemption (Feat Scrim)

18 Nothing Compares to You (Feat Dako Swale)

19 Lullaby to a Spherical Dream


The Duality Mixtape Volume 1 AVAILABLE NOW for

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The Duality Mixtape Volume 1 FREE DOWNLOAD


The Duality Mixtape Volume 1 Tracklisting


1.   Hate me now (with RBX)

2.   Star wot (produced by Purple Rabbit)

3.   Deathmatch

4.   The 11th Plague of Exodus (For the Sydney Juggalos)

5.   Road to Battle

6.   Angry White man (With Eklips monsta6)

7.   Hit the Spot (With QC and Triple Witch)

8.   Soldier of Love (with Sade)

9.   Monstrous (with Tech n9ne)

10. Reunited in the Horror (With Dyad Souls)

11. Attack of the Metaphors

12. Open your eyes (with David Icke)

13.  The Draconian Shapeshifters (produced by Klive Kraven)

14. Bomb the World (with Michael Franti and Spearhead)

15. Behind enemy Lines (with Black Genius)

16. Deconstruction and Reconstruction

17. Okay so... (with Insyte)

18. God Is Sound

19. Axis (Mr MaDJestyk's stickin the boot in mix)

20. Lean back (with Canibus, B Real, Fat Joe, Notorious B.I.G, Eminem and Lil Jon)

21. A Song for Dave (with Michael Ortega


In today's world, it is the one's who free their minds, who are labeled as the Nutkaze's.


Free your mind...


Let go of illusions of self...



It's time to wake up.

                    To Celebrate the Launch of Nutkaze.webs...

To Celebrate the official launch of this website, there are two thangs that'll be happenin...

The first is The Upcoming Launch of THE DUALITY MIXTAPE Volume 1 as a first exclusive for the site.

Secondly is the release of a brand new, freshly recorded leak from the mixtape. A Track that I wrote for a homeless man, who told me his story. Please enjoy the first leak from THE DUALITY MIXTAPE Volume 1

          A Song for Dave - Nutkaze with music by Michael Ortega


                    God Is Sound (Produced by Klive Kraven)


         The Draconian Shapeshifters (Produced by Klive Kraven)


              Nutkaze live at the Bone Thugs show in Sydney