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An Artists Responsibility

Posted by Nutkaze on November 25, 2010 at 8:19 PM Comments comments (0)

We as musicians have a lot of power to TEACH our listeners, to teach them something besides following the style of the times. Gone are the times when individualism was what music was about. When Marley came out, no one was doin what he did as well as he did it. He was unique and people wanted to be him. Poeple heard the truth from him even though they might not have been ready to hear it. Now take any of these new cats that we hear on the radio. They sound just like the song that came on before theirs and the song before that. i mean, i understand playing it safe and everythang but its not exactly helping people hear the truth through music u know? Being individual isn't in demand anymore and being a lemming is...that's what needs to change.


For something like hip hop, people seem oblivious to the state of what is happening to it. it wasn't about who could dance better or who looked better or who had a bigger was purely who had more skill, who was the doper MC. Now beuase of the influx lemming-like music it seems to be spawning an unprecedented amount of wack rappers. People who, by their lack of dedication to write an intellectually stimulating song, are dumbing down the minds of the next generation. The next generation listens more to music than they listen to politics. So that means if we as musicans play our cards right we do what everyone dreams to do...change the world. Its in our grasp to make a change, but we seem to be content with putting out what is PROVEN to sell. Take a risk, speak against tyranny, injustice, bigotry and racism and most importantly be YOURSELF...and if that doesn't sell, fuck em... u didn't compromise who u were to make a quick buck.


I see hip hop as any other style of music, if we don't play our cards right, hip hop can be over in the blink of an eye. These are just my thoughts, but in order for something to last it cannot have a line of progression as such but a circle of progression. A line will always end but a circle is forever. Using this formula, it seems imperitive that we take hip hop back to its roots so we can begin the process again, back to the old school....the glory days, the days that hip hop was an art form and not something to dance brainlessly to. when it was more than the beat and all about the message. hip hop started as a form of rebellion, yet we now choose to not rebel but to conform. Hip Hop should not settle, should not conform and should not yet not loose its relatablity to its original audience...the people in the struggle. Hip Hop is NOT dead but it is dying. Its not about keeping hip hop on life support and just seeing how long it'll live, its about curing the disease altogether. Its about giving the proper respect to the MCs who are actually saying something and encouragment to those who are not to speak up and take a chance.



Holy. Integrated. People. Having. Omnipresent. Power - KRS ONE




Money, the root of all evil?

Posted by Nutkaze on November 25, 2010 at 8:18 PM Comments comments (0)

We spend our lives making money, spending money and living for money. But how does money fit into the greater scheme of life.


People go to school for 13 years to get an education, to get a job, to earn money. So even from an early age it is drilled into us that without this commodity we are nothing, that we are worthless. Then we go to work, spend most of our time there earning money and spend the rest of our time spending money. Switch on the radio or television and we are bombarded with how much money all the people we look up to have and it makes you feel like, to be that happy you need to be as rich as them. So you work harder, longer, spend less time with the ones you love, just so you can earn enough to buy yourself happiness.


You heard the saying that “Money makes the world go round”, but should it? It’s a fact that it does, but is it right? The most important question to ask ourselves is “What really matters?”

If we were to die tomorrow, none of these things we consider “important” can come with us. Not the money or the things that money can buy can save our souls in the final hour. All the money in the world cannot buy you one more breath, one more chance to hold your loved ones close and tell them that you love them. Living for the now, might seem important now, however in the bigger picture, in the grander scheme of life it makes no difference.


The book of Revelations in the Bible speaks of a beast that will conquer. An entity, which causes blindness and confusion, separation and war throughout the world. What could this beast be, if not money? The beast takes people away from the truth, from what’s truly important in life, even away from God. So I ask you again, what is this beast if not money?

To slay the beast you need a sword and that sword is truth. To keep the sword sharp is to keep one’s mind focused, and knowledgeable. Arm yourself with this sword and see the world in a new light. See that the things which truly matter, like touching the hearts of your loved ones, and the quest for knowledge and truth do not cost a cent. The best things in life are truly free…




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