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Post your links or writtens down here and test your might like Mortal Kombat...

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look around observe the death of the godess

opression of prophets, erecting the oblisk

the native genocide and suppression of knowledge

repressing our progess, projecting their profits

if lifes a game who collects from your losses

while the earth plays a duet with Apophis

the vicious cycle is just a catharsis

ur soul's never conquored by external forces

we're all prophets like Krishna Mohummed

Jesus and Buddha we'll get where Allah is

i see god in expressions of artists

the flesh on your carcass a shell for your conscious - ness

stay alert when u head through the gauntlet

yourself is the constant expression of what god is

you're the sun like reflections of Horus

perplexed by the conflict we'll get through the darkness

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