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What are the biggest governmet coverups and conspiracy theories of all time? What is going on right now? What proof do you have to expose these snakes for who they are?

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Money - The root of all evil

To gain full control of the world's money would mean full control over everyone, especially those in debt. This is exactly what the international banking families are doing. Every government is in debt to them. This debt is increasing. Personal debt is very widespread and increasing. Banks create money from nothing and demand it back, together with unnecessarily high interest. Hence almost everyone is in debt. Wasteful spending, borrowing and debt are encouraged. Therefore people and governments are becoming increasingly in the bankers control, as they have to pay interest, which the bankers can manipulate to their will. Governments are forced to sell assets, lose sovereignty, and place citizens in poverty to repay their debt under the guise of a global economic crisis.

The greatest lie is to distract us from the truth, so that we will lose money and property to the powerful conspirators, who corruptly monopolize wealth and power, and gain more power as a result. Instead of using most of our time or money to fight the powerful by learning and sharing the truth, we are deceived into trying to keep and make more money by any means necessary.

To understand what is really going on, we need to understand this ANY MEANS NECESSARY mentality. This statement was what people like, Mugabe, Hitler, Mussolini and Pol Pot once said: “We will conquer, whatever it takes”. This is how much emphasis is placed on conquering in our daily lives. We are constantly bombarded with the mentality of “whatever it takes” from music, society, TV commercials, magazines and media. To attain the perfect physique whatever it takes, even if it means crash dieting or eating disorders. To get to the top of the corporate ladder using sexuality, blackmail and lies. To get money and power by flooding the streets with drugs, which can destroy societies; this is the mentality that has been ingrained in the very fabric of society.

Once again this goes back to everyone being in debt to afford the lifestyles they believe they need to have to be truly happy. So loans are taken out, re mortgages are made, credit card debt is at an all time high. And more money is in the pockets of the bankers (i.e. the Illuminati, Which will be discussed further in part 2).

The powerful bankers profit from peoples waste and bankruptcies. Instead of encouraging volunteer work and encouraging people to freely help and serve each other, their motto is either make excess money for yourself or spend all your time trying to find something that will make excessive money for yourself, although suitable paid work (properly utilizing someone’s natural abilities) is very hard to find. Searching, studying and applying for it costs money and time.

Charging money for something suppresses the material or service by restricting or deterring people from using it. Furthermore, money places restrictions on the utilization of ethical behaviour in monetary decisions. An example, which Alex Jones used in the movie “Zeitgeist” was, if someone goes into a shop and says “can I buy this lamp” the shop owner would never say “the shop next door sells better lamps” because they would lose money from saying this. This is common knowledge today. No company would recommend going to another business, even if their customer may benefit more from an offer, which the other business may have, as opposed to theirs. This creates indecision in the consumer and promotes unethical business practices for anyone who has money to gain from the transaction.

The stock market is overvalued and rigged. People are deceived into investing in banks and multinationals. A crash will give the citizens' property to the powerful. Boom and bust cycles, market fluctuations and stock market crashes are deliberately caused so that people lose money to the banks.

Money discriminates against the needy and gives more power to the rich. It is clearly an unfair system, created for a twofold purpose: debt and division of society. Both, the poor and the wealthy are in debt, however their living standard and classes divides them. Those who impose a monetary system on society have succeeded in an age old war strategy: divide and conquer. This is not the symptom of a monetary system, but the purpose of it. If united we stand and divided we fall, society is in a perfect scenario to fall to the will of those controlling the money.

At the moment society is certainly in dire distress, due to the so called financial crisis we are currently undergoing. A “crisis” which has been created by the monetary situation, by major players such as the Rothschild and Rockefeller families, who coincidentally also control many organizations such as the United Nations, the WTO and the Council on Foreign relations. This is achieved by placing everyone, including governments in a cycle of constant debt.

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